Post Surgical

Surgeries that we treat include

ACL reconstructions
Meniscal repairs
Total knee and hip replacements
Tendon transfers
Decompression surgeries
Spinal surgeries (cervical/lumbar)

Post surgical treatment here at Synergy Fitness and Physio will take you from pain and stiffness, to better than pre-injury. 

We are experts in managing your pain, strength, and mobility following surgery. We know that surgery can be tough, and the rehabilitation isn’t fun or easy. However, we do know how important it is for you to rehabilitate, to ensure you get back to 100%. We will coordinate with all other health professionals including your GP and specialist, and ensure you feel as good as possible, as soon as possible.

Here at Synergy it is a one-stop shop post surgery, as we are able to manage your pain with hands on therapy, and get you stronger in our personal training studio gym. This allows us to take you through all stages of rehab, and get you back to 100%, and beyond.