Musculoskeletal conditions

Musculoskeletal Conditions Treatment Available - What we treat!

Spinal injuries
Back pain
Neck pain
Ligamentous or meniscal knee injuries
Shoulder pain or instability
Ankle injuries
Chronic pain
Overuse injuries (e.g tennis elbow)


Musculoskeletal conditions treatment available! As you can imagine, these may be a product of a range of different factors. Regardless, Synergy Physio will find the cause (sports, overuse, work). We will then define the problem. After this, we will assess your injury subjectively and objectively. Each appointment, we will reassess to ensure you are making progress, and work towards reaching your specific goals. Whether these goals relate to pain movement, strength, mobility or endurance, we will get you back to 100%, and beyond.

Our approach is to try get you moving as soon as possible, to avoid time away from the things you need or love to do. Have you seen another health professional, and they have told you to rest for extended periods? The longer you are away from something, the harder it is to get back. We will optimise for activity as soon as possible! Here at Synergy, we understand what keeping doing what you love means to you

This means using our on site personal training studio gym to push you to your limits. This method of treatment is beneficial for all ages and conditions, by managing short term symptoms with hands on treatment, and enhancing the long term through strength, mobility, and exercise, with all the equipment at your fingertipstr