Physiotherapy Improve Health Now

Do you have aches and pains?

Have you seen other health professionals with no result? 

Physiotherapy – improve health now!

Synergy Fitness and Physio will utilise evidence based practice, to get you back to 100%. This will include manual therapy and exercise, along with a range of other techniques, to help decrease pain and improve function. Due to our background of fitness training, this will be the best quality of assessment and treatment. Reach your goals and beyond!

Further, all patients will receive the same high level of care and results. 

Each session will be a minimum of 30-minutes, including a thorough subjective and objective assessment and movement analysis, and a diverse range of treatment strategies including.

Consequently, therapy will be tailored to you and you alone, and will ensure you are managing both short and long term problems and goals. Aches and pains are best when they are prevented rather than treated. Basically, our model of care is to get you moving for the long term! Consequently, you will move from physiotherapy into a specific exercise based program. This will ensure strength and mobility is maintained, and to minimise any risk of re-injury. This will allow you to be fitter and stronger than ever before!

Moving past your pre-injury function, and coming out of this injury better than when you entered.

This can be under the guidance of our physio, personal trainer, or our group fitness classes, in our personal training studio. All we know is staying fit, strong, and healthy, however the means, will not only prevent injury, but enhance your health and well-being, to give you a better quality of life.

What we treat

Manual therapies
Exercise based rehabilitation program focused on improving muscle strength, control and mobility