Bulk Bill – Medicare

Bulk Billed Free Medicare Sessions are available here now for Physiotherapy. 


If you have a referral from your GP under the EPC medicare program, you will receive treatment with no cost. This means the sessions are bulk billed for free, under medicare. Depending on how many sessions your GP has prescribed, you may be eligible to up to 5 sessions per year. This can get you moving and pain free! If further therapy is indicated, then of course, we can provide therapy privately, or a thorough self-management plan will be provided. 



Be sure to bring along all your paperwork to your physiotherapy session at Synergy Fit. We provide the same thorough assessment and treatment. You will therefore get the same benefit from physiotherapy if you were paying privately, but for FREE if you have an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan.


Bulk billed free medicare physiotherapy sessions are harder to find now, as prices increase across the board.  However, we feel as though getting you started with physiotherapy, at least for a few sessions, is essential in improving your overall health. 


We work closely with your GP and other health care professionals to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. We will be happy to provide initial assessment, treatment plans, and updates, to your GP. This will ensure your recovery is as efficient as possible. 


How are our medicare physiotherapy sessions different? 


Sessions under Medicare can be performed in the physiotherapy rooms or personal training studio gym. Meaning, not only do you have reductions in pain and improvements to movement, you can also get stronger, and feel fitter, long term. 



We can set you up with a program for FREE, that you can continue for the rest of your life.


These bulk billed sessions are also identical to privately paid for sessions. This means you will get the most of out of the intervention.